Attachment Theory in Action with Karen Doyle Buckwalter

Dr. Janet Courtney: The FirstPlay Therapy Model & Infant Mental Health - Part2

January 5, 2021

Karen welcomes Dr. Janet Courtney to the show for the conclusion of their two part conversation on Dr. Courtney's FirstPlay Therapy model.

Janet A. Courtney, PhD, LCSW is Founder of FirstPlay Therapy® and Founder and Editor of FirstPlay® Café: An e-magazine for parents (womb to six Years). She is Director of Developmental Play & Attachment Therapies, Inc. She is a Registered Play Therapy-Supervisor, TEDx Speaker and presently Chair of the Association for Play Therapy Ethics and Practice Committee and past President of the Florida Association for Play Therapy and former Chair of the Viola Brody Award Committee. Awarded Third Place overall in the Best Practices Showcase for FirstPlay Therapy at the First 1000 Days Infant Mental Health Summit (Sept, 2018) along with the Children’s Healing Institute.

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