Attachment Theory in Action with Karen Doyle Buckwalter

Dr. Claudia Gold: How Discord and Repair Build Resiliency in Relationships - Part 2

December 8, 2020

Karen welcomes Dr. Claudia Gold to the show to conclude their two part conversation about her latest book, The Power of Discord: Why the Ups and Downs of Relationships Are the Secret to Building Intimacy, Resilience, and Trust. This follows the two part conversation with the book's co-author, Dr. Edward Tronick on November 17th and 24th. 

Dr. Claudia Gold has been practicing general and behavioral pediatrics for almost thirty years, and currently is on the faculty of the Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellowship Program at the University of Massachusetts Boston, the Brazelton Institute at Boston Children’s Hospital , and the Berkshire Psychoanalytic Institute.

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